Aseptic Products

Infusion Solutions/Parenterals

Parenterals (small volume parenterals, SVP or large-volume parenteral, LVP) are sterile liquids that are administered by injection, infusion or implantation in humans or animals. Infusions, in particular, are an indispensible part of everyday medicine.

When patients are not able to ingest or digest food via their gut, special parentaral  emulsions are used to provide them with nutrition. The emulsions contain an oil, for example soya oil, an emulsifier such as egg or soya lecithin and a balanced concentration of amino acids and water. The stability of the emulsion is critically dependent on the correct ratios of the ingredients and the design of the production equipment.

The quality requirements for intravenous medicines such as physical-chemical stability, sterility, freedom from particles and freedom from pyrogens are extremely strict and must be fulfilled throughout the production process.

In order to obtain emulsions with very fine particles in a tightly defined size range, it is necessary to use high-pressure homogenizers.

Subsequently, filtration steps are required in order to reach the required product quality.

The ZETA Advantage

ZETA is a leading designer and maker of production systems for complex emulsions. The experience of ZETA in the area of process control and in the precise control of individual production parameters are as essential for the quality of the final product, as is the knowledge of the necessary methods for cleaning and sterilisation of the production equipment.

ZETA supplies process technology which meets the highest standards and complies with both FDA and EU GMP guidelines.

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