Agitator technology XXL

A high power input is required for efficient performance of specific stirring processes. The bottom-mounted magnetic agitator system developed by ZETA for fermenters on an industrial scale (BMRF XXL) has been in successful use for many years. The powerful magnetic coupling of this system is now used to transfer the standard impeller technology to other applications, e.g. for preparation systems of 30,000+ L. Look forward to the new BMRT XXL!

ZETA agitator development convinces customers worldwide

Scaling stirring processes from laboratory to industrial scale is a major challenge. Numerous vital requirements must be met including mixing time, shear forces and hygiene. The BMRF agitator technology for fermenters developed by ZETA is unrivalled in this respect with its record of success in worldwide use over many years.

ZETA used a powerful magnetic coupling (700 Nm) to develop an agitator type that can be used in cell culture volumes of up to 30,000 L. The ZETA BMRF agitator was tested in a unique, see-through 15,000 L acrylic glass fermenter in close cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim and the Institute of Multiphase Flows of Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology. The process equipment could be precisely characterized thanks to the transparent vessel. The intensive tests confirmed the suitability of the equipment for industrial application. The objectives were achieved:

  • magnetic drive with excellent power transmission, and
  • long, vibration-resistant agitator shaft.

Further benefits of the technology include:

  • hygienic design and sterilizability of the agitator
  • prevention of microbiological contamination risks
  • cost efficiency thanks to reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • simple retrofitting of agitators with mechanical seals to magnetic agitators

The new BMRT XXL: the next dimension of powerful mixing

The benefits of optimized agitator technology are not limited to bioreactors! Preparation and buffer systems are also known to involve complex stirring tasks, e.g. in large-volume tanks, when highly viscous liquids must be stirred or smooth, lump-free suspensions need to be prepared.

To date, conventional agitators have generally been used for these specific tasks. They may be powerful, but are cumbersome to use with mounting from above and their shaft and stirring elements design. Add to this the mechanical seal problem that is always a contamination hazard. The modern agitator technology developed by ZETA offers decisive advantages: Cleaning and maintenance are easy thanks to the compact bottom-mounted agitator head. ZETA know-how and our proven magnetic coupling technology ensure very high torque transmission. You never have to worry about the magnetic field failing or the drive slipping.

ZETA’s advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of agitator technologies is impressive and enables the design of agitators for a wide range of requirements and tank sizes. Powerful mixing thanks to a powerful vortex!

The new BMRT XXL is the perfect solution for complex mixing tasks, also in preparation or buffer systems and for aseptic mixing in food processing.

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