ZETA Electropolishing

Highest Precision for Specified Surface Qualities

Process-controlled electropolishing by ZETA guarantees optimal surface quality for surfaces in product contact in the pharmaceutical and food industries and is used successfully in the following sectors:

chemicals industry, biotechnology, nuclear engineering, aviation and space, environmental technology, medical engineering, instrumentation, cosmetics, semiconductors, paper industry, architecture and construction, consumer products (furniture, light fittings, automobile accessories, etc.).

Electropolishing of metal surfaces has a wide range of applications characterized by exact surface quality specifications. These include visual and functional criteria. Criteria such as glossiness, target roughness (e.g. average roughness) and specific ablation values are used to define the precision of the surface finish.

What ZETA Does

Using the latest rectifier technology and constant monitoring and correction of the electrolyte consistency, and thanks to special competence in production of cathodes, ZETA can guarantee

• reproducible results,

• absolute process reliability in terms of producing the required surface quality

• 100% fulfilment of delivery deadlines.

ZETA has many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality electropolished stainless steel surfaces, which are needed for example in the ZETA magnetic agitators and the ZETA Freeze&Thaw systems as a primary packaging material for MAbs. Our awareness of the need for high quality finishing on these products motivated ZETA to work on improvements, and through extensive experimentation, we developed highly professional and reproducible electropolishing projects.

Co m?žeme nabídnout

At the ZETA facility in Lebring we carry out electropolishing of components such as pipes, agitators, precision parts, containers for industry, food and pharmaceuticals, bioreactors, valve blocks and pumps.


Electropolishing involves applying a direct current to a metal workpiece as the anode dipped into a special electrolyte solution. This has the effect of removing metal from the high points of the surface, so that the roughness of the surface is reduced both at macro and micro levels. By using specially shaped and positioned cathodes, it is also possible to selectively remove metal from specific areas of the workpiece – which allows us to fulfil individual customer requirements.

Mobile Electropolishing

ZETA operates a mobile electropolishing service that enables metal equipment to be repaired and refinished on site at our customers’ factories. This is an exclusive and flexible service to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Advantages of an Electropolished Surface

Electropolishing of metal surfaces offers many benefits relative to mechanical surface finishing. Electropolishing enables the following characteristics to be achieved:

  • Metallic purity and passivity
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Quality control through detection of processing and material defects (defectoscopy)
  • Improved long-term strength
  • Removal of burrs in macro and micro dimensions
  • Minimization of micro-roughness by up to 50%
  • Reduced friction coefficient
  • Minimal product adherence and reduced coating formation, reduced microbial adhesion
  • Better cleaning performance
  • Visually attractive surfaces
  • H2-poor and stress-free surfaces
  • Improved welding and brazing
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