Virus Inactivation Unit

The customer was setting up a virus inactivation unit, which requires a highly secure and reliable process for reasons of safety of personnel and the environment. ZETA was responsible for the basic and detail engineering, production, installation, automation and qualification.

  • Product/service category: Preparation Systems

  • The Biosafety Level 3 requirement meant that the unit had to have a special hygienic design which ensured 100% containment.

  • Detailed tests were carried out to verify the exact uniformity of the skids. Some of the fabrication tolerances that had to be fulfilled were extremely stringent.

  • Scope of supply: basic engineering, detail engineering, production, automation, installation, commissioning, qualification

  • Main equipment: twelve 225L vessels, pumps, heat exchangers, magnetic agitators, filters

  • Application: Vaccines

  • Project country: Belgium

  • Completion time: 18 months
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