and Modulation/Conjugation and Filling Reactors

The customer needed ultrafiltration and diafiltration skids as well as modulation/conjugation and filling reactors as part of a new biotech production plant. ZETA was responsible for the basic and detail engineering, production, installation, electrical installation, and qualification of the production systems. Before the production skids were shipped, both static and dynamic FAT were performed in cooperation with the customer.

  • Product/service category: downstream systems

  • The special vessel and piping design ensured a minimum of dead volume and minimized the product losses.

  • Customized cleaning equipment minimized the amount of waste water produced.

  • The customized product pump ensures gentle circulation of the product.

  • A high level of system integrity fulfils the special requirements for reliability of the system and safety of personnel.

  • Scope of project: basic engineering, detail engineering, production, installation, electrical installation, qualification

  • Main equipment: nine vessels (300L – 10,000L), liquid and gas filters, pumps, heat exchangers

  • Application: API production & processing
  • Project country: Switzerland

  • Project completion time: 20 months
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