TFF Skid

The customer needed a mobile ultrafiltration skid for their factory. ZETA carried out the detail engineering, production, automation and qualification of the ultrafiltration skid. It was a particular challenge to make the production skid mobile while retaining full functionality.

  • Product/service category: Downstream Systems

  • Due to the small footprint it was a challenge to fit all the components into the skid. This was achieved with a carefully designed arrangement of the equipment with an absolute minimum of dead legs in the piping.

  • Full integration of the electrical cabinets with flexible cable routing enables the mobile system to be used in plug-&-play mode anywhere in the factory.

  • Scope of supply: detail engineering, production, automation, qualification

  • Main equipment: one 1,500L vessel, filters, magnetic agitators, cassette holders

  • Application: mAb Production

  • Project country: Denmark

  • Completion time: 11 months
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