Special Equipment

ZETA Special Equipment

ZETA’s wide experience of engineering and making processing systems enables us to recognise specific needs that are not being met by any easily obtainable products on the market. Over time, we have developed a number of special products that complement our core offering.

We can also make new or one-off products for special needs. Our experience and competence in process technology, engineering, working with stainless steel, control technology and quality assurance in pharmaceuticals and food, means that we are perfectly positioned to make special equipment. Just ask us what we can do.

ZETA Features & Services

ZETA special equipment includes complex combinations of electronics and control technology mounted in stainless steel constructions; small pressure vessels with mixing equipment at laboratory scale; scanning systems for the pharmaceuticals sector and special lifting equipment for use in cleanrooms.

ZETA provides:

  • Support for process development
  • Engineering, design
  • Production of the equipment
  • Quality assurance and qualification
  • Service and maintenance

Customer Benefits

  • Customised
  • High quality
  • Long life
  • Improvement of productivity

NIR Scan

The newly developed ZETA NIR SCAN – NIR stands for ‘near-infra-red spectroscopy’ – offers a range of rapid, nondestructive and reliable measurements that are easy to integrate into the production process.

The material/product passing the sensors can be analysed qualitatively or quantitatively in terms of concentration, pH value, or solids. Measurements can be done on solid or liquid matrices. The advantages of this analytical method lie in the relatively low absorption coefficients of organic molecules and the resulting relatively deep penetration into the sample. This means that samples can be measured without special preparation, and information on the sample surface and volume can be obtained.

With this new measurement method, ZETA has created a unique online measurement system for surfaces coated with active pharmaceutical ingredients. The sensor and the dedicated data analysis software have proven their suitability in quality-control applications.

Customer Benefits:

  • Contact-free and non-destructive method
  • Rapid measurement; can be automated; reduction of sampling and analysis time from 1h to 5 min.
  • Versatile and flexible process integration
  • Exact and reproducible results
  • No sample preparation
  • Reduction of rejects from approx. 15% to less than 1% possible

Cleanroom Lifts

Individual lifting functions in cleanrooms require exactly specified cranes or lifts. Thanks to many years of experience in building cleanroom equipment, ZETA know-how can provide exactly the right solutions for these tasks.

Stirred Laboratory Container

Some of our customers often need to carry test series involving mixing of products at laboratory scale. ZETA offers unpressurized or pressurized containers, if necessary in ATEX versions, with a variety of agitators and a range of impeller designs.

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