Optimisation of System User Interface

Our customer was optimising their blood gas analysis system in Switzerland, which was transferred to its present site with the help of ZETA. Improvement potentials had already become apparent in the course of operating the systems. ZETA was engaged to carry out the complete optimisation, from the process design calculations through project planning to implementation including commissioning, testing and qualification.

  • Product/service category: Process Optimisation and Production Design

  • Challenge of the project: a partial system was expanded to form a complete system while fulfilling challenging demands of the customer. Work-intensive modifications of physical equipment and automation had to be done on a very tight schedule.

  • ZETA solutions: in the design phase, detailed and intensive coordination meetings were held involving the operator, ZETA Process Technology and ZETA Automation. 100% software testing was performed before the software was installed. In the implementation phase the work was carried on in two shifts to meet the deadlines.

  • Scope of supply: detail engineering, supply of components, mechanical installation, electrical installation, automation, maintenance

  • Products: preparation system, clean media system, maintenance

  • Project country: Switzerland

  • Completion time: 8 months
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