Hlavní zaměření

ZETA is an owner-operated Austrian company and a leading international supplier of customised solutions for liquid processes in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

The core of our corporate strategy is to do business in ways that are economically and environmentally sustainable, transparent and free of discrimination.

Protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees; preventing accidents; and making equipment that is safe in operation are fundamental corporate goals. In order to reach all of these goals, we involve our customers and suppliers as partners in this holistic undertaking.

The customers of ZETA formulate the future. We turn it into reality. We provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary solutions, with understanding, competence, care and precision.

Our ambition at ZETA is to create profitability, reliability and sustainability for our customers, building on the following elements:

  • A holistic understanding of our customers’ needs and goals
  • Integrated processing solutions developed using multidisciplinary competence and experience
  • Functionality and usability as essential criteria for design and construction of all processing systems
  • Competitive project completion times through efficient technological solutions and tight project management,
  • Maximum commercial and technical project reliability.

ZETA guarantees high-quality products and services through continuous process innovation and by living the first-time-right philosophy.

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