Cell Fermentation Line and Media Production

ZETA created a complex cell fermentation line and a media production system, carrying out the basic engineering, detail engineering, production, automation and installation of the line, commissioning and qualification. The production line consisting of 44 skids with a total of 42 vessels and the temperature control equipment were produced on a rapid schedule.

  • Product/service category: Bioreactors and Fermentation Systems, Preparation Systems

  • The constraints of the existing building meant that a compact and weight-saving superskid design was needed.

  • Efficient project management and perfectly timed interface coordination activities were the keys to realisation of this super-fast-tracked project.

  • Scope of supply: basic engineering, detail engineering, production, installation, electrical installation, automation, commissioning, qualification

  • Main equipment: 42 vessels (35L – 18,300L), heat exchangers, pumps, agitators, filters

  • Application: mAb Production

  • Project country: Germany

  • Completion time: 22 months
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