Annual Maintenance Contract

For several years now, ZETA has had a contract for coordination and execution of maintenance for a customer in Germany. This involves drawing up a rough plan of operations for the next year and an exact plan of interfaces and work to do during each shutdown. ZETA shuts down the systems, carries out the maintenance activities independently, restarts the systems and then tests them together with the customer. At the same time, calibrations and system modifications or repairs are carried out. The contract covers systems distributed across several buildings, and systems built by ZETA as well as systems built by other companies. Currently ZETA is responsible for two emulsion lines and two media systems.

  • Product/service category: Maintenance & Improvement

  • Challenge of the project: complex shutdown planning and coordination of several activities that have to be done simultaneously, maintenance of third-party systems.

  • ZETA solutions: creation of a maintenance concept, execution of the maintenance work, system modifications/updates taking account of the process technology and all applicable GMP and GDP guidelines, commissioning, chemical cleaning of pipework systems, supply of spares and wear parts, calibration

  • Scope of supply: execution of maintenance visits, system modifications/extensions/improvements, support for commissioning, passivisation and cleaning of pipework

  • Project country: Germany

  • Completion time: several shutdowns in the course of the year, totalling several weeks, ongoing maintenance service for this customer for 4 years.
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