100L Preparation System

The customer needed a preparation system for production of liquid pharmaceutical products for their new medical supply centre. ZETA carried out the basic und detail engineering, production, installation, automation and qualification of the 100L preparation system. Since the system is used to prepare a variety of products, the cleaning validation was an especially important aspect of the project.

  • Product/service category: Preparation Systems

  • The infrastructure for a pharmaceutical processing unit did not exist before this project, so that the pure media production and supply had to be fully integrated into the system and a compact design was needed.

  • Scope of supply: basic engineering, detail engineering, production, installation, automation, qualification

  • Main equipment: one 100L vessel, magnetic agitator, filters, filling unit, pump

  • Application: Aseptic Products

  • Project country: Austria

  • Completion time: 16 months
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