ZETA Geschäftsführung

Alfred Marchler

Funktionsbereich: Geschäftsführung, Produktion & Technik
+43 3136 / 9010 100

Andreas Marchler

Funktionsbereich: Geschäftsführung, Vertrieb & Marketing
+43 3136 / 9010 100

Josef Maier

Funktionsbereich: Geschäftsführung, Finanzen
+43 3136 / 9010 100

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Alexander Lausecker, Head of Sales
Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America
Manfred Seifert, Head of Sales Western Europe
Christian Kautz, Head of Sales Northern Europe
Sushaant Bakhru, Head of Sales Asia, Australia
Lindsay Smart,
Head of Sales UK, Ireland, North America
Tobias Heim, Head of Sales Automation
Maximilian van de Graaf,
Sales Manager Automation
Nicole Zangl, Product Manager Mixing Technology
Magdalena Fritzl,
Senior Manager, Sales & Market Development CIS
Andreas Glössl, Dir. Business Line Customised Systems
Daniel Maier, Dir. Business Line Engineering & Services
Gerald Dollberger, Dir. Business Line Automation
Claudia Neuhold, Dir. Business Line Food Systems
Kurt Knauder, Dir. Business Line Products & Components
Erwin Trummer, Head of Fabrication & Installation
Gerald Dollberger, Dir. Business Line Automation
Hans Ulrich Gehrig, Managing Director ZETA Alro AG; Project Manager
Reinhard Heber, Site Manager Lebring, Head of Products & Components
Ewald Trummer, Managing Director ZETA CZ s.r.o.
Marie-Astrid Haibl, Site Manager Vienna, Head of Process Technology
Aleksandr Sharonov, Technical Director OOO ZETA Russia
Viktor Charkov, Managing Director OOO ZETA Ukraine
Klaus Hajduk, Head of Human Resources & Payroll Accounting
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